Live Long! Explore Life! Travel Often!

Welcome to a website constructed by sisters who have found many rewarding experiences in their "senior" years and want to share them. Now that they are "all grown up" and their children are married with families of their own, Ruth and Barbara have found time to explore life through gardening, travel, sewing, and having fun together. Who would have guessed they would become such friends when they were distant as kids? Their journeys together have widened their horizons and deepened their love and respect for each other.

To navigate your through this site, you will find "senior" LINKS that they have found interesting and informative, pictures of their backyard FLOWER gardens, clothes collections for their 2-foot concrete GOOSE statues, and some PHOTOGRAPHS of their journeys. They have included some family RECIPES. Last, but not least, you will be able to experience their sister ROAD TRIPS through their written stories. To help them collect funds for future travels, they are selling QUILLOWS (personal-sized quilts that fold into pillows) that were created and sewn over the summer. If you walk through the BROWSE section, you can see how the Quillows were dedicated to places they traveled.

 "It is our hope that other sisters find time to share new experiences together.  Drop us a line and tell us about your experiences!" - Barbara



 What is a must to take on travels? 

  • "Sonic" drink with crunchy ice
  • iPad
  • Travel Journals                         





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