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Live Long!    Explore Life!   Travel Often!

Welcome to a website constructed by sisters who discovered each other in their “senior” years. Having spent most of their adult working lives apart and in different locations of the country, Ruth and Barbara started planning small trips when they moved closer (an in the same state!). Each short excursion brought them closer together and eager to share stories from their childhood. Now that they are “all grown up” with children and grandchildren to appreciate, they are both still working and enjoying their chosen careers, but leaving time for exploring new places. The sisters have figured out the formula for a fun and life-fulfilling trip: Ruth is the driver and Barbara is the navigator. 

Make Traditions!


Speaking of formulas, Ruth and Barbara are happy to journey through flower gardens, museums, and out-of-the-way destinations, find Daylillies to buy and plant each May, plan an annual and awesome visit to the Houston International Quilt Show in late October, share 100 pounds of boiled Crawfish on the back porch in the spring with family and friends, and found ways to make new traditions.

Memorable Adventures!


You are invited to take a road trip through the Senior Sisters website, experience our journeys and learn along with us. When we finally retire and encounter new adventures that are on our Bucket List, we will have fabulous new pictures and stories to share.


                            “It is our hope that other sisters find

                            time to share new experiences together.

                          Drop us a line and tell us of your journeys.”

                                                                                                          ~ Ruth and Barbara