Although our family was once located in different time zones, we are mostly back together. The first and second generations have relinquished the host holiday torch. However, the third generation is now hosting and doing a fabulous job! All they have to do is use Facebook and the arrangements are done.

Here are some of the family recipes we have collected over the years that we would like to share:

* Crawfish Boil

Most people in the south understand the awesome social eating of the crawfish boil. Dad, with relatives, drives to Crowley, LA to get the best crawfish of the season from our cousin. Dad knows the cooking formula, boiling exactly 7 minutes, and the process of delivering each batch to the tables full of hungry friends and relatives awaiting the afternoon feast.

* Popcorn Balls: 

This recipe was a favorite of our family, especially during Halloween. There was no taste like it, surpassing candied and carmel popcorn balls. As  a  family tradition,we would get together and have an assembly line – popping corn, mixing the syrup on the stove, and shaping the popcorn balls. We would pass out the popcorn balls to the excited Halloween trick or treaters… at least until trick or treating changed and parents became watchful of homemade treats. We still made them for ourselves and friends. One time, I found a 9-month old popcorn ball hidden under my son’s bed. He was hiding his stash!

* Pretzel Salad:

This recipe is an unusual salad – so sweet that it is occasionally used as a dessert for my family. It is a winner at the workplace, too, when we bring pot luck dishes for holidays. It is colorful and wonderful to eat!

* Oatmeal Cookies:

Kenny LOVES this recipe and asks for it often. It was found in a pudding advertisement in an older magazine and has been passed on from family to family. The recipe says to bake for 10 minutes, but I usually have to cook it longer because of my crazy stove calibrations. Try it!

* Best in the West Beans:

This is a family favorite! While living in Delaware, our family attended many soccer functions. We had great gatherings with plenty of pot luck dinners. On one occasion, I tasted the most wonderful of baked beans! I had to have the recipe. I waited until the owner of the beans came to pick up the empty container (during one of our end of the season parties) and asked for the recipe. We have the beans at major family gatherings all the time.

* Mama’s Cheese Cake

Nothing is better than tasting a slice of mama’s fantastic cheese cake! What a tradition for all family gatherings.

* Green Jello Salad

This is an easy jello salad to make! 

* Strawberry Dump Cake

You can’t go wrong with this yummy sweet bread. I used to make it for the wives club when family was stationed in South Dakota.

* Vegetable Salad

How many times did we go to family reunions with vegetable dishes? All the time. This recipe was easy to make ahead and take it for a dinner. The vegetables marinate for 6 to 8 hours. The colors look great, too!

*LCC Rolls:

On Barbara’s first day as a student teacher, she found this recipe on a coffee table in the teacher’s lounge. It is a yeast roll with 2 times to rise…in the refrigerator overnight and in preparation for baking. LCC rolls have become our family favorite tradition for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Cosmo’s birthday.