We feel so blessed to have sewing as a part of our family legacy. With grand mothers who crocheted, tatted,  and quilted, we journeyed to the Houston quilt show every year to celebrate our commonality. Cousins, sisters, aunts, and mothers traveled to the show each year. We explored new sewing tools, material, machines, patterns, and technology. At lunch we would enthusiastically show our purchases and new sewing projects for the year. It was so much fun! 

Some of our projects became more than one year wonders…we enjoyed traveling across country to find colorful cottons that we feel will make special pillow cases. Why pillow cases? We couldn’t find any that had patterns and color! And we wanted soft cotton, too.

In the web store, you have find 100% cotton, colorful, standard pillows.

Goose Clothes 

Our youngest sister brought each of us a 2 foot tall concrete geese. What followed was goose-sewing parties so we could decorate our own geese for our separate front porches. Our geese wore bridal dresses, rain gear, Santa Clause outfits, Independence red-white-blue, graduate gowns, rabbit outfits, jester suits, and many more.


Cable Bags

As seniors, we sisters seem to have purses that grow larger and larger every year. There are so many items we HAVE to take with us. At the top of the list, naturally, are our prescription medications and vitamins. And because we are active seniors and technically savvy, we travel with computer cords, battery packs, iPod ear plugs, iPad chargers, phone chargers,  etc. Then there are sewing/quilting supplies we carry to help us pass the time when we wait in the doctor’s office or visiting friends in the hospital.

To be able to locate our necessities quicker, we have replaced the plastic baggies with hand-sewn cloth bags. We can open our purses, quickly grab the butterfly bag, and know instantly that we have our vitamins and morning pills.

Quillow Donations

A red Quillow that started it all and will forever remain in our hearts even though it has found a home in France! The red and pink material caughtour eyes on a road trip years ago. Since we didn’t have a specific pattern for a Quillow, we created our own. Although patterns can be found on many websites, we decided to experiment with bindings, pillow size, batting, and quilt lengths.

The red hearts Quillow was hand carried to France a few summers ago. Our nephew married his sweetheart in her home town, Beziers. The bride’s mother graciously loaned us her house for the wedding week. To thank her for her generosity, we gave her the Quillow that had a design that was indicative of an American quilt tradition. The gift was well received. While explaining the quilt and the pillow attached on one side, we taught our new friends how to fold it back into a pillow.

Another yellow Quillow was donated in a silent auction for the annual Camp Craig Allen BBQ fundraiser. The camp was developed as a 501 3C organization for education and camping facilities for adults in wheelchairs. Our family member, Dawn Cruzan, has spent a lifetime in perseverance of making the camp a reality.